How to overcome depression by Eckhart Tolle

We all experience certain level of depression in our life time. Good news is it’s not the end, not the worst, we can change it, we can change how we think and how we feel. I also experienced depression in my teenager years. It almost drove me to suicide. It was “the darkest time” in my life. I was in a different culture environment at the time, never had any luck to find a spiritual teacher. I survived because of my parents’ love. Now I understand my experience was not a mistake or waste of time, it’s part of my Read More

Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis by Scalp Acupuncture

Dr. Jason Hao has been treating patients with MS for a long time. There are some typical real cases listed in his article. “Scalp acupuncture treatment for MS has had much success in reducing numbness and pain, decreasing spasms, improving weakness and paralysis of limbs and improving balance. Many patients also have reported that their bladder and bowel control, fatigue and overall sense of well-being significantly improved after treatment. Recent studies have shown that scalp acupuncture could be a very effective modality in controlling MS. Scalp acupuncture often produces remarkable results after just a few needles are inserted. It usually Read More

Zhu’s Scalp Acupuncture for Emergencies — unconscious patient after heatstroke

Another life was saved in a emergency room by Dr. Zhu. Zhu’s Scalp Acupuncture has always been showing amazing results. It has great advantages in emergency conditions. During the workshop in Shanghai, Dr. Zhu and his team brought students to Shanghai Ruijin Hospital to perform demonstrations. One of the patients was in coma for 2 days due to heat stroke. Half an hour after needling, the patient regained consciousness and consumed water and watermelon.

After 15 Million Needles – The Life Story of Dr Zhu

After 15 Million Needles – The Life Story of Dr Zhu 針灸神醫朱明清 from Liam Yan on Vimeo. This video is about Dr. Mingqing Zhu’s life story. Dr. Zhu is the most successful and famous acupuncturist in North America. He’s probably the only acupuncturist who’s able to challenge the death in a hospital’s emergency room. He’s my mentor. He’s the one who opened door for me to the mystical world of acupuncture. Zhu’s Scalp Acupuncture, the special acupuncture treatment method Dr. Zhu founded, is the main treatment method I’m using in my daily clinical practice. Since I came back from I Read More