Music for energy flow and healing

This is one of the best energy healing music in my list. You don’t need to be an energy healer or knowing the energy flow to get benefit from this kind of music. Just let you mind fly with it, open your mind to the possibilities, let go of any attachment or blockage in your body. When the energy starts to flow fluently, you can feel it, feel it inside. You may just fall a sleep half way through, it’s also good time to take a nap when you listen to it. You will have a very refreshing nap then.

Healing music – Kevin Kern

My whole life, thus far, has been a celebration of that unique bond I have felt with my favorite musical instrument and ‘best friend’.  The melodies I have written are a testament to that friendship. — ~ Steinway Artist and Composer, Kevin Kern Kevin Kern – In The Enchanted Garden Kevin Kern, a famous pianist and composer. “In the Enchanted Garden” is so lovely. But I don’t think of him as “new-age” just because the garden is “enchanted” 😉 This music touches my heart, calls my beautiful dreams, relax me and wake up my hope. It doesn’t put me to sleep, instead Read More

Healing music, my list – part 1

Music, especially the light-hearted gentle music has powerful healing energy. Here are some of my favorite. Harp, I loved it since my childhood. But I was never good at playing instruments. Just enjoy listening to it, close my eyes, let my mind fly to the sky, feeling the gentle freeze brushes my face …… Japanese animation, my husband’s favorite. Sometimes I would watch them with him, lean my head on his shoulder, half close my eyes, just enjoy the moment of love and relaxation. What do you think of them? Do you like them? You can leave comment for me, Read More